About jemamuse

jemamuse is a word play on the french- je m'amuse-, wich means- I'm having fun-.

jemamuse brings a small collection of handmade home accessories and weavings. 

Learn the fundamentals of creating your own unique wallhanging and register for one of our fun and inspirational weaving workshops

I also curate an ensemble of designer goods which I source all around the world, mostly from equal spirited creative designers. Currently on display are some traditional made net bags from French enterprise Filt, these assort perfect with Mr.Mr.'s Moroccan handcraft made palm leaf bags.

Have fun exploring my fine, little shop filled with great treasures in handmade accessories, while I'm having fun making them especially for you. Get inspired!

With love,


About me:

Interior designer from education, creative by heart.

From design to finished product: sourcing materials, experimenting on techniques, photography, working on the packaging & brand labels... 

I'm 100% passionate and a creative addict.